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Every coaching client is different and I have no set formula for how our work together will unfold. In my opinion, good coaching involves deep listening so I can go with whatever is most present IN THE MOMENT. That said, there are some specific questions we’ll tackle so you can achieve tangible, transformational results:


What do you want to change or become? What’s going to be different? We want to paint a detailed picture of your ideal life.

Neuroscience teaches us that the brain doesn’t know the difference between a well-developed dream and actual reality. It’s important that we picture what your career, relationships, financial status, community, and life as a whole will look like so we know you’re personal meaning of success.


What kinds of mental or emotional barriers are keeping you from going down your preferred life path? We want to let go of fears that hold us back from getting what we want.

Most of us have tried to change, failed, and then given up. Or perhaps our parents were so risk-averse that they cautioned us away from trying to do anything out of the ordinary (that’s my story). Of course, we all know there’s no such thing as a guarantee of safety and comfort, but there is such a thing as being miserable or being happy.

Aligning your mindset with what you desire instead of what you’re afraid of is key.


Where are you spending your energy? We want to uncover patterns and behaviors you’re enacting that serve you and release ones that do not.

Most of us have one or more bad habits that are so part of our daily routine that we don’t realize how much time we spend/lose doing them. Checking Facebook a gazillion times a day is a great example.


What skills need to be developed? What books, courses, etc. are needed to be able to put your picture into practice?

You may decide that you want to become a writer or that helping non-profits get grant money is your “thing.” Many times we have some natural talent for what we really want to do or be but we need some formal education, practice, or even an internship to reach our goals.

In terms of outcomes, while there are no guarantees, through 1:1 coaching you can:

1. Discover what’s been missing in your life so far
2. Develop an awareness of your own ability to create what you want
3. Deliver on the promises you’ve been making to yourself


What kinds of things can you do on a day-to-day basis to make your picture a reality?

This is where we’ll take a look at what’s working, at your unique strengths and resources to help you create a plan to move quickly towards a new life experience; that success picture we created in part one.




In 2009, after 20 years of dutiful service, I was laid off from one of the largest, most prestigious companies in the world. Looking back on it now, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Of course, at the time, that fact was not evident. It felt like my world was crashing down around me. I had built my entire identity and sense of self-worth around my title and my job. After all, what the company was doing was IMPORTANT so, by extension, I was IMPORTANT. When that was taken away from me, I first got very depressed….but then a little voice inside of me kept saying, “You’re free. You’re FREE! YOU’RE FREE!”

It was exhilarating, for a while, and then it got scary. I realized that with total freedom came totally responsibility for my own life. I could no longer blame my job (or my Partner, or my parents…) for my circumstances. Not knowing what I really wanted from life, I started doing things I had barely only dreamt of in the past. This included taking improvisational comedy classes and starting down a path of post-graduate education.


Over the next 9 years I grew more than in the previous 20. While I did take a job with another large company, I stayed truer to myself and set better boundaries around how much of my life I was going to give to my career. Now I have completed  a six-course improv program, and have received two non-clinical MA’s and my PhD in psychology as well as a coaching certification.


The last item is the jewel in the crown of my life. I discovered that my pain and struggles are very much like everyone else’s. But because of my unique path of business and personal growth, I’ve developed excellent listening skills and have honed my intuition to be able to see patterns of dysfunction in individuals, couples, and work groups. I’ve been using these skills, as well as my educational background, to help a diverse group of people find their own happiness. My life isn’t perfect now but I have more balance and more joy from being in service to others than I ever had trying to find myself somewhere outside of myself.




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