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Jon T

When I began working with Bruce, I had recently left a job that I held for many years, hoping to find a new, more fulfilling career. Fortunately, Bruce not only assisted me with my professional journey, but we addressed several areas of my life, including my spiritual, relationship and even athletic goals. It's fascinating in retrospect that I assumed we would focus solely on my next career move, when I have gained so much more during our time together. Perhaps most importantly, my faith is stronger than ever, having realized that by pursuing the things that give me the most joy I am also pursuing God's desire for my life. Bruce introduced me to effective and revelatory processes that I repeat anytime I am faced with a challenge, a question or self-judgments, and I now live with greater confidence and more quickly recognize life’s trials as opportunities to learn.

Francisco R

During a period of transitions and new beginnings, a friend of mine referred me to Bruce. My sessions with a psychologist had just finished and I was in search of a therapy more focused on business and self development. A life coach was the answer. When we first met, Bruce provided a framework for us to tackle some of the obstacles at hand. He suggested tools to use that would help support my personal and professional goals. At the beginning, our sessions were focused on developing self worth, understanding the value of my skillsets, and transitioning from a young adult into a businessman identity. Through his guidance and the implementations of our strategies, my business has grown by 40%. My contracted hourly salary has more than doubled. We produce more events than we have before and hired professionals to assist with the extra workload. Our sessions together became incubation think-tanks. We would examine a problem and find several possible solutions. Not only did Bruce help me professionally but he helped with my personal relationships as well.

Doug B

Bruce has been an incredibly positive presence in my life. I checked on a few coaches and he was the one who "heard" me the most, not trying to fit me in to a preconceived plan but working with me from exactly where I was. He is skilled at knowing when to nurture through and when to nudge forward. And while he guided my mind toward many books and resources to help, he always did so in the larger service of my heart and soul.

Suzette K

Bruce’s coaching has been an integral part of my journey to opening up to my life’s purpose. I have experienced Bruce to be mindful and compassionate and I always feel grounded with purpose when our sessions are over. Bruce has a way with getting to the heart of the matter and I find great value in working with him.

Rita D

I’ve been working with Bruce for over a year now and I highly recommend his coaching. He brings a wealth of experience to the work and in my case, I found that working with someone with a similar professional background to mine was incredibly valuable. Bruce also has a great way of finding the right content (e.g., books, articles, lectures) or exercise to nudge me in the right direction or give me a new perspective on a situation.

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